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“I have used Estee Lauder, Lancome and Olay for over 15 years. Face Food has surpassed them ALL within just 30 days of using the product. My skin is prone to breakout and very sensitive. Face Food has tightened, brightened and cleared my skin like no other product. The combined ingredients that Face Food incorporates are surprisingly placed into one product for the All-over age-defying effect!

Ladies, this product is a must for your morning and evening routine. I am incredibly happy with Face Food!”

5-Stars-art-150Healthy, supple skin

“Have used this product for approximately 14 days and stopped using all other products to be able to judge Face Food on its own merits.  I am impressed. Have always tried to take care of my skin, pay attention to the products I use and the results.
The first time I used Face Food, noticed how smooth & supple my skin felt within 1-2 minutes of application. The product absorbed readily, no heavy perfume stench, easy to smooth along the skin. I kept touching it through the day and the noted the same things: smooth, supple. And it remained that way through the full day. As I continue using it I notice my face seems to “move” more easily – no tightness, no feeling of dryness, just really supple (I don’t know how else to explain it!)
After a week I had several people I work with ask me if I had changed something, as my skin was looking “fresh”, “younger”. I also noticed my facial lines were not as noticeable – my overall skin seemed healthier, more alive. After 2 weeks the improvements have just continued: skin very healthy, supple, no tightness, lines disappearing. Product continues to absorb readily, no greasiness, no heaviness. I have recommended this product to many, which I do not normally do. I know each person will get different results based on what their skin needs and its condition – no matter, I highly recommend it.”


Amazing results – and without waiting months

“Amazing results–and without waiting months! Love the way it makes my skin feel as soon as it’s applied. Extremely soft –almost a satin finish.”


Thank you for a superior product!

“Face Food is everything it promises. I applied it under my usual moisturizer and noticed a difference in just three days–fewer lines and a more even complexion. My face looks and feels cleaner, more vibrant and youthful. Thank you for a superior product!”


Very hydrating

“My skin is very dry and sensitive and this cream is very hydrating, it leaves my face feeling soft and supple, not greasy. Also, it doesn’t make me break out. It feels like it gives my face a dose of vitamins. As soon as you put it on it does give a slight tingle. I would say why not give it a try.”


Lives up to expectations!!!

“I absolutely love this product and it certainly lives up to my expectations! I have sensitive skin and rosacea, and NutraNuva’s Face Food didn’t irritate my skin, in fact it was the opposite and my skin absorbed it right up. My skin is so soft and hydrated afterwards, perfect for every day and under make-up. It has a pleasant non-greasy texture and just the right combination of ingredients. It’s truly anti-aging done right. Immediately you could tell this is a quality product and I’m such a happy customer! I would highly recommend Face Food.”


With Good Skin, Makeup Looks Better

“Your skin is the most important thing to take care of but that can be difficult in this day and age (suntanning, makeup) so finding the right skin care product is something I tend to be picky about. There’s so much hype and marketing it’s hard to choose sometimes. I mean with good skin, makeup looks better, you feel better, everything is just better. Well this product FEELS good. I am so happy to have gotten it referred to me. Actually, I will never use anything else. And the best part is that the results are VISIBLE.  I would recommend it to everyone.”


Facial Mosturizer for Men

NutraNuva Face Food is an excellent moisturizer. It smooths fine wrinkles and evens out uneven skin texture that’s come with aging. It’s non-greasy and has no artificial fragrances. I’m a 65-year-old guy who still feels like he’s in his 20’s and this product help helps me look like I feel–GREAT!


Vegas Girl

 “Living in the desert, my skin can end up feeling as parched as the landscape itself! After using Face Food, I noticed immediate improvement with diminishing fine lines and moisture retention. My face now has a nice youthful, dewy glow it’s never had before. Loving this great new product! Way to go, Face Food – now on my second order.”

5-Stars-art-150Finally found the ultimate facial moisturizer

“I just received this product. My skin immediately looked and felt more refreshed and nourished. So far I think I have found a facial moisturizer that I will use continuously. Seems to be just what I have always been looking for!!!! after spending hundreds of dollars, if not more on subpar skin care products that do absolutely nothing but sit on top of your skin.
I look forward to being a regular user of this product for many years to come. Thank You. :)”

5-Stars-art-150Great stuff!  You’ve gotta try it!

“Wow! This stuff really works. So many products on the market offering so many promises…. It’s hard to believe in any of them anymore. It’s surprisingly clean feeling. I have combination skin so I’m always concerned with products either drying out my skin or making them even greasier in the T-zone. But with Face Food, it felt light going on and soft and nourished when I was done. I never thought I’d say “nourished” about a moisturizer but the name really does seem to live up to it. I even had my husband try it and now the cream seems to live in his bathroom. My mistake. :). Guess I’ll have to buy more.”


Wonderful product

“Your skin is the most important thing to take care of but that can be difficult in this day and age (sun tanning, makeup) so finding the right skin care product is something I tend to be picky about. There’s so much hype and marketing it’s hard to choose sometimes. I mean with good skin, makeup looks better, you feel better, everything is just better. Well this product FEELS good. I am so happy to have gotten it referred to me. Actually, I will never use anything else. And the best part is that the results are VISIBLE. It’s like stumbling on the fountain of youth – and don’t we all want that?! I would recommend it to everyone.”


My skin looks healthy and more vital

I genuinely think my skin looks healthier and more vital after using Face Food for a little over 3 weeks. I love the way it feels. I use it under my moisturizer and sunscreen… and my face feels light and fresh. I’m 42, active/”outdoorsy”, and spend a on of time on the beach…but, my skin doesn’t show it. I feel like using Face Food will help keep it that way. It feels like it’s really good for my skin.


Skin Care Junkie Approved

This product is very nice! I am a skin care junkie and use lots of product like peptides, vita c, hylaluronic acid, alpha hydroxides and retinae. At 60 my skin looks pretty good since I’ve cared for it since I was 12 years old. It was nice to simplify see my skin looking moisturized and plumped. I will be purchasing this again.


Love how it makes my face feel so soft

I love how this product makes my face feel so soft! It absorbs readily with no strong smell. I am very sensitive to smells, so I was happy for its extremely light scent. I live in Arizona and am used to my skin feeling dry and lifeless by the end of the day. I have only used this cream for a week, but because I love how it makes my face so soft all day long, I have already ordered the product a second time!



Face Food really makes a happy face

“I have been using this product for about 2 months and I have to say that I am really thrilled with it. A first I thought it would be a nice addition to some of the many products that I have been putting on my face but with increasing use I’m noticing that a small dab of Face Food is only item that I really want under my make-up. It’s really light but covers and completely moisturizes and smooths out wrinkles, feels wonderful and really does make my skin younger!
I have looked around for similar products and have not found anything I like nearly as much! It’s the product I’ve been looking for.”


This is a wonderful moisturizer, not oily

“I am 61 years old and just started using Face Food. I wish I had this product years ago!  Even at my age and the older skin I have, this is a wonderful moisturizer, not oily, feels great on! I will purchase again & again!”


The best facial treatment so far

“I tried many different anti-aging products. This one stands out. I have not used it long enough to see it reduces wrinkles but my skin feels great after just 2 applications. I started with my face and now apply on my neck too. This cream is very light and almost translucent but the hydration lasts all day. Addictive! I would certainly recommend it to anyone with dry aging skin.”

5-Stars-art-150Great product

“This is a wonderful skin product. I have used many skin products over the years and I’m very picky. This one has a great texture, a natural very light fragrance which is not artificial at all. It goes right in and it smooths lines beautifully. I can tell this is a very high quality skin care product… my skin gobbles it up! And loves it… thank you for creating it.”

5-Stars-art-150Using 4 days and already notice a difference

“I was skeptical about another anti-aging cream. I buy them regularly and then wonder why I did. Usually it takes time to notice ANY difference at all. I have been using this cream for 4 days now and already I do notice a difference in fine lines, moisture level, firmness of the skin. Great product!”


Have used other more expensive with no results

“Have been using Face Food for a few weeks- a friend remarked that my skin looks “AMAZING”.  I love the product- & plan to continue using it.

Now I have used FACE FOOD for about two months & my face is loving it.
 This is a forever product for me- fine lines are diminished-have baby skin now.”


Works great. I look younger.

“Finally! Valid help for the skin of males over 50! (It’s “unisex”; works on both genders!)  This Face Food definitely takes of a bunch of years off the façade!
 It’s NOT greasy. Doesn’t leave your face shiny. And you can slip the tube into a briefcase or overnight bag.  I’m buying more!”


Very Impressed!!!

“There are products that promise to make me look 10 years younger if I just keep using (and buying) their expensive items. If you are anything like me, you also tried other creams and “celebrity” products only to find they give lots of promise but not quite the results expected.

I spotted this anti-aging moisturizer on Amazon and thought I would give it a try and I’m glad I did. It turns out that FACE FOOD has a lot more anti-aging ingredients than others I tried. I also discovered that this cream is a best-seller in high-end spas and salons, places where they know a lot about preventing premature aging.

Maybe I’ve had bad luck in the past but I have never been this impressed with any skincare product. So if you are in the market for a change to your skincare routine and want to see real results, all I can say is try it and see for yourself.”


Was pleasantly surprised!

I’m always prepared to be disappointed and products that aren’t from big beauty companies, but I was pleasantly surprised to find great results with this. It’s nice to see that you can get something that really helps you and doesn’t cost $1 million dollars. If you’re skeptical like me this might be what you’re looking for.

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