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Daniel became interested in nutrition and being in good physical condition as a teenager.  He is a former actor, singer and recording artist with an extensive non-stop professional performing background from the age of 15 with Broadway, Record Deals, Concert Tours, Nightclub and TV experience.

After retiring from professional acting & music, he became a successful entrepreneur, starting and growing several companies.  For more, visit his LinkedIn page.

He is interested in helping people look and feel their very best through nutrition, exercise and good skin care.

Here he tells his own story of his battle with cardiovascular disease and what he did to conquer that.

The cardiologist said I was “about to become an angel”

As a relatively young man of 53 and after inadvertently discovering arterial blockage, I had to have emergency open-heart bypass surgery.

My cardiologist said I was “about to become an angel” if I didn’t do it right away. This was a total surprise to me as I always considered myself a healthy person.

Fortunately I did NOT have a heart attack, as that results in part of the heart being rendered ineffective (a portion of the heart muscle dies).

The analogy my cardiologist gave was that instead of running on 8 cylinders, after a heart attack you’re running on 3 or 4.  Very good news for me that I retain all 8 cylinders.

All my life I had lead a healthy lifestyle but in just the few short years prior to this incident, I let things go; stopped jogging and working out, no vitamins, too much restaurant and hotel food from the travel needed building my businesses, etc.

Add to that the stress of having over 100 employees and overseeing 2,000 independent contractors, along with stress at home, not to mention heart disease runs in my family big time.

All I needed was a few short years of not taking care of myself as I usually did, which resulted in the buildup in my arteries.

With two small children who loved their Daddy very much (and vice versa!) and with lots more to attain in life, I wasn’t “about to become an angel”.

After the surgery I got to work to do everything I could to reverse this condition and vowed to once again get in great shape.  I embarked on extensive research into how to do this.

Within 18 months I achieved a great deal. I had extensive cardiac testing done and my cardiologist was blown away to say the least. No sign of blockage in my arteries.

Needless to say, I was extremely happy with the results and continued to follow the healthy lifestyle that I was once again pursuing and had been used to following most of my life.

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Over 40 Including Us Boomers and Older

I love helping my fellow baby boomers and people of any age who are interested in looking and feeling their best through proper nutrition, appropriate exercise and great skin care.

And I believe everyone should try to live a long, happy and healthy life seeking higher spiritual awareness so as to prepare for their immortality.

Let us know what your interests are so we can bring you the best products available.

And most guys half his age can’t do two or three!

Daniel Trevor

“I love helping my fellow baby boomers and people of any age interested in looking and feeling their best through proper nutrition, appropriate exercise and great skin care.”

With my daughters
18 months after my surgery

With my youngest daughter
3 years after my surgery

Five years after my surgery at age 58

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